November 3 - December 15, 2020
Tuesdays 7-9pm (CST) via zoom

EXPLODING JOINTS is a 6 part movement research class that explores the explosive qualities of plasticity in dance and body-based practices. Structured as a kind of “trash theory”, EXPLODING JOINTS will be experimentally opportunistic and will splice together different modes of learning and spheres of practice.

EXPLODING JOINTS will consist of 4 main modules: Acid, Bitter, Alkaline, Sweet. Each session will begin with a warm-up led by herbalist and dancer Caroline Caswell. After loosening we’ll have a discussion centered around one of 4 readings*. The last half of the class will be spent on movement research. EXPLODING JOINTS will conclude with an opportunity to present and discuss a personal artwork, performance, or project.

The cost to participate in the 6-week session is $65. Upon signing up, participants will receive a package containing the course materials: a reader & workbook, and an EXPLODING JOINTS herbal tincture formulated by Austin-based Apothecary Earth Commons.


limited to 14 participants

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*Readings by Laboria Cubonix, Judith Halberstam, Heather Warren-Crow, Clarice Lispector, Anne Carson, Alice Notley & Arianna Reines

Images: 1) Rhythmic gymnastics 2) “Notget VR” by Bjork

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