2020 Poison Girl 

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2020 Shadow (Lucid), And Now, Dallas, TX

*forthcoming 2019-2020 S  
S is a short work of experimental fiction. It is a love story — or more accurately, a series of love stories stacked on top of one another. S is a series of worlds or potentials that hang in a liminal state — unrealized — floating in the waves between screens and in the spam that fills the air. 

2017- present Drawings

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2019 LishPlush & LishPlush Max

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2019 I’m trying to find the center. What center? The iris. 
2018 Fuzzing Out, And Now, Dallas, TX
2017 My eyelashes ribbling (melon flavored), MX Gallery, New York USA

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2016 No.70, Galleria Massimodeluca, Venice IT Archive